Whether your going to the beach, the yoga studio, on a last minute date or to night out with the girls, you need a quick and effective foot beauty treatment you can count on. Never get caught off guard and always feel confident to bare it all.  Transform your feet in seconds with  LOVA | SKIN Instant Foot peeling. Beyond the aesthetic and cosmetic aspect, the accumulation of hard dead skin and calluses can become painful and can slow you down. The skin thickens, rises and can result in cracked skin which can hinder walking and create discomfort.


Therefore, just like the rest of the body, treat your feet to a light exfoliation once or every other week. 

  • Use on clean feet.
  • Spray to cover the soles of your feet or targeted area. For better results, the area should be completely covered.
  • Wait 60 seconds and see your skin softly and naturally begin to peel.
  • Then, use the professional foot file to remove excess dead skin and allow a neat finish.
  • Rinse your feet with water, wipe and feel your feet like new.
  • Enjoy the LOVA | SKIN difference!






How often do we recommend to do a foot peeling?
Choose the right frequency, the right time and the right beauty rhythm for you!

Maintenance Beauty Foot Ritual
Our recommendation to keep your feet healthy and smooth, is to include an instant foot peeling every other week. It only takes 1 minutes and allow you feet to de-stress and feel ready to go the extra-mile.

Intense Beauty Foot Ritual
For very dry, cracked feet, with rough dead skin and calluses, start with a beauty foot ritual every week over a 2 month period. This will help to remove the hard dead skin and callus in depth and reveal the new healthy skin beneath. You can then gradually switch to a regular maintenance beauty foot routine and treat your feet to LOVA I SKIN Instant Foot Peeling every other week.